• Chinyere Nkeonye AvatarChinyere Nkeonye

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    Nicole Molinari AvatarNicole Molinari

    positive review  They look amazing and taste even better! - 6/16/2022 

    Lisa Rich AvatarLisa Rich

    positive review  I was just at my niece graduation party and everything look wonderful and tasted delicious. Love it all. I will... read more - 6/12/2022 

    Raul Marin AvatarRaul Marin

    I had these chocolate covered strawberries for the first time last week and they were probably the best chocolate covered... read more - 5/27/2022 

    Kelsey Gladden AvatarKelsey Gladden

    The best berries! I’ve been ordering from Jess for special occasions since 2020 and she never disappoints! The berries are... read more - 5/27/2022 

    Victoria Winkler AvatarVictoria Winkler

    Will forever and always recommend her for her amazing chocolate covered strawberries. Literally to die for! And her prices are... read more - 5/13/2022 

    Kerri Laff AvatarKerri Laff

    positive review  Not only are the strawberries delicious, they are beautiful! Customer service is excellent as well. Fast responses, flexible and friendly!... read more - 5/08/2022 

    Tanya Wright AvatarTanya Wright

    positive review  I highly recommend! She goes above and beyond for her clients! Will be ordering from her whenever possible! - 5/06/2022 

    Crystal Scaffidi-Borgesi AvatarCrystal Scaffidi-Borgesi

    positive review  I have ordered chocolate covered strawberries from Dipped By Dottoli a few times now and they are always a hit!... read more - 4/23/2022 

    Jackie D AvatarJackie D

    Super easy to order. I got the cheese cake and cannoli stuffed chocolate covered strawberries. Huge hit at my sons... read more - 4/14/2022 

    Jasmine Segarra AvatarJasmine Segarra

    These are the most amazing chocolate covered treats I ever Gotten. Beautiful and taste so rich. The customer service is... read more - 4/14/2022 

    Maddie Bogan AvatarMaddie Bogan

    positive review  Had the most amazing experience!!! Treats were customized to perfection…delivery was quick…Jess was amazing to work with but best of... read more - 3/10/2022 

    Barbara McConney AvatarBarbara McConney

    positive review  First time ordering yesterday. The berries are amazing. Big and juicy and they were decorated... read more - 3/06/2022 

    Gabrielle Georgetti AvatarGabrielle Georgetti

    positive review  Highly recommend ! the berries are super fresh, BIG and juicy.. and they look pretty too! She's very sweet and... read more - 2/22/2022 

    Kathy James-Clay AvatarKathy James-Clay

    positive review  Ordered purple - chocolate strawberries and chocolate apples. So easy to work with - ordering so easy - had... read more - 2/21/2022 

    Joselyn Peoples AvatarJoselyn Peoples

    positive review  Her strawberries are the best I’ve ever had!!! They are huge and the quality of the chocolate is amazing! - 2/16/2022 

  • Ang Q AvatarAng Q

    My husband surprised me with this beautiful arrangement for Valentine’s Day & hands down the BEST chocolate covered strawberries I’ve... read more - 2/16/2022 

    Mallory McLaughlin AvatarMallory McLaughlin

    I ordered chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day and the quality was just perfect. I have never been disappointed with... read more - 2/16/2022 

    Lisa M. Ruggerio-Serchia AvatarLisa M. Ruggerio-Serchia

    positive review  First timer here and I have to say they were definitely the best I’ve ever had the berries were so... read more - 2/15/2022 

    Chrissy Carbo Malandrino AvatarChrissy Carbo Malandrino

    positive review  Received a lovely & delicious box of sweet treats as a surprise from my sister.
    Jess, the owner, delivered personally.
    She is...
    read more - 1/18/2022 

    Allison Carr AvatarAllison Carr

    positive review  Second time ordering in two months and they are OUTSTANDING! I literally ordered for no reason bc it’s that good!... read more - 12/30/2021 

    Linda Wallace AvatarLinda Wallace

    Love love love her strawberries! Besides being delicious, her customer service is phenomenal ! I ordered chocolate covered strawberries with... read more - 12/28/2021 

    Amanda Hauler AvatarAmanda Hauler

    RUN to get yourself some amazing chocolate covered strawberries (and other goodies) from Dipped By Dottoli!! These. Are. UHMAYZING. The... read more - 12/28/2021 

    Lynzee Carter AvatarLynzee Carter

    By far the best chocolate covered strawberries I’ve had in a long time. They don’t taste like the fake ones... read more - 12/28/2021 

    Carissa Wallace AvatarCarissa Wallace

    Not only are the chocolate covered strawberries phenomenal, the customer service is great! Jess goes above and beyond for... read more - 12/28/2021 

    Betsy Foster AvatarBetsy Foster

    I follow on Instagram and knew exactly where I wanted to get my treats for my wedding. Communication was great... read more - 12/07/2021 

    Christine Esposito AvatarChristine Esposito

    I don’t know what exactly she does but her chocolate covered strawberries are the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever had…even... read more - 12/07/2021 

    Casey P AvatarCasey P

    These berries and pineapples are delicious. The chocolate is so good and doesn't get watery like other berries and after... read more - 12/06/2021 

    Candace Leigh AvatarCandace Leigh

    positive review  I bought chocolate covered strawberries today and will absolutely be a repeat customer. The strawberries were fresh and the chocolate... read more - 12/05/2021 

    Morgan Keen AvatarMorgan Keen

    positive review  Very delicious and easy order process! Definitely will order again!(: - 12/04/2021 

    Jamie Good AvatarJamie Good

    I have gotten countless orders from here and there are no words for how absolutely amazing they are. Dipped by... read more - 11/09/2021 

    Nicolette Bundesmann AvatarNicolette Bundesmann

    positive review  Dipped is the BEST!!! Her treats taste amazing, her designs are adorable and customer service is always on 100!! - 11/08/2021 

  • Morgan Keen AvatarMorgan Keen

    Treats are absolutely delicious and beautifully packaged. Fast responding and on time! - 11/08/2021 

    Tracy Stone AvatarTracy Stone

    positive review  I have ordered from Dipped By Dottoli a several times now and every time we order we are amazed at... read more - 10/20/2021 

    Aubrey Renee AvatarAubrey Renee

    positive review  Placed an order yesterday and received my delicious strawberries today! Jess was super accommodating, even switching up from pick... read more - 10/20/2021 

    Amber Garrity AvatarAmber Garrity

    Always exceeding expectations, her treats are the BEST - 10/12/2021 

    Megan Bean AvatarMegan Bean

    positive review  Hands down the most gorgeous and delicious chocolate covered strawberries I’ve ever seen!!!! I am so impressed! - 10/01/2021 

    Aigbe Abiodun AvatarAigbe Abiodun

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    Amanda Myers AvatarAmanda Myers

    Every single order I have placed has been perfect even with my annoying request lol. I haven’t ordered in a... read more - 9/14/2021 

    Taylor Hobbs AvatarTaylor Hobbs

    Amazing, delicious treats for any event & very reasonable prices. My family, friends & I always order from Jess and... read more - 9/13/2021 

    Anthony Bailey AvatarAnthony Bailey

    The strawberries are so good & very very creative!The owner is such a hard worker, has great customer service & sweet! - 9/10/2021 

    Alija Walter AvatarAlija Walter

    Best cheesecake cups ever!! My family & I LOVE them! The strawberries are so fresh, the cheesecake is so creamy,... read more - 9/03/2021 

    Rylee Kelly AvatarRylee Kelly

    I shared these berries with my best friend and when I tell you that these are the BEST chocolate covered... read more - 8/27/2021 

    Bree Peluso AvatarBree Peluso

    Always an amazing experience! She has the best white chocolate and best chocolate and is super friendly! 😍🔥❤️ - 8/27/2021 

    Rosi Garcia AvatarRosi Garcia

    I definitely recommend Dipped by dottoli they have the most amazing Chocolate Covered strawberries my kids and my husband are obsessed. - 8/27/2021 

    Casey M. Wells AvatarCasey M. Wells

    Everything I’ve had has been delicious customer service is over the top and those cannoli filled strawberries are addictive!!! - 8/27/2021 

    Deb Bender AvatarDeb Bender

    The chocolate covered strawberries I ordered were beautiful and fresh. I would highly recommend!!! - 8/27/2021 

    Taylor Macaro AvatarTaylor Macaro

    The best of the best! Jess always makes sure everything is absolutely perfect. I crave these strawberries all of the... read more - 8/27/2021 

  • Jessica Cox AvatarJessica Cox

    The absolute best all around - customer service, quality of products, reasonable pricing, everything! The best chocolate covered berries I've... read more - 8/27/2021 

    Elizabeth Gedling AvatarElizabeth Gedling

    Hands down the best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever eaten. Jess is so extremely nice, and very profesional. Her... read more - 8/20/2021 

    liz roth Avatarliz roth

    Dipped by Dottoli is an awesome small business owner!She is an A+++. Jessica’s creations are TOP notch! ... read more - 8/13/2021 

    shannon steacker Avatarshannon steacker

    i’ve ordered from her a few times now and the quality is the best!!! she is always so accommodating with... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Kim Garro AvatarKim Garro

    Truly the best chocolate strawberries I have ever had!!! The time and effort she puts into each order makes me... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Courtney Beebe AvatarCourtney Beebe

    Jess can out berry anyone! They are the best quality strawberries I’ve ever had. By far better than sherries berries... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Rachel Figueroa AvatarRachel Figueroa

    Jessica is the best!!!!! I have gotten her boxes multiple times as gifts snd they are always such a hit.... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Michelle Widen AvatarMichelle Widen

    I have nothing but good things to say. Couldn’t be more impressed every time! I order for every event possible!... read more - 8/13/2021 

    K Maddox AvatarK Maddox

    Was so excited to get sampler boxes for my son's teachers this year! They turned out amazing!!!!Jessica is so nice... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Nicole Bader AvatarNicole Bader

    Ever since my friend introduced me to Jessica and her work I am always ordering stuff! She has something for... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Kathryn Bromiley AvatarKathryn Bromiley

    Everything I have ordered from Dipped By Dottoli has been amazing! She is very prompt in getting back to you... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Sabrina Finneran AvatarSabrina Finneran

    Every treat is always delicious and wonderful! I highly recommend ordering from here! The cheesecake strawberries are my favorite! - 8/13/2021 

    Nadia Mota AvatarNadia Mota

    Best chocolate covered strawberries I’ve ever had!! Jessica goes above and beyond! She is so friendly, super accommodating and flexible.... read more - 8/13/2021 

    Casey Wells AvatarCasey Wells

    positive review  I LOVE the strawberries filled with cannoli cream! Absolutely addicting, everything I have tried has been delicious and her customer... read more - 7/23/2021 

    Justine Murphy AvatarJustine Murphy

    positive review  I bought the dark chocolate and coconut ones for me and my coworkers today to have a nice treat after... read more - 7/22/2021 

    Lateefah Ruffin AvatarLateefah Ruffin

    Jessica is always polite and accommodating. Her strawberries are absolutely delicious. I’ve ordered from her several times and she’s always... read more - 7/21/2021 

  • Celina Marie AvatarCelina Marie

    I can’t begin to explain the deliciousness and creativity behind these strawberries! Every single order, big or small, is personalized... read more - 7/21/2021 

    Jordyn Bennett AvatarJordyn Bennett

    Best chocolate covered treats I’ve ever had. Ordering and receiving them is so easy to do. Definitely worth every penny spent - 7/21/2021 

    angel amato Avatarangel amato

    The best chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels ever!! 😍 - 7/21/2021 

    Giana D AvatarGiana D

    Dipped by Dottoli is one of the best small businesses around!! Prices are fair, the job is always done well,... read more - 7/16/2021 

    Robert Ferrigno AvatarRobert Ferrigno

    The best around - 7/15/2021 

    Dom Ruggiero AvatarDom Ruggiero

    Jess was very professional and the strawberries were amazing ! - 7/15/2021 

    Tom Valentino AvatarTom Valentino

    Sent a box of Get Well Strawberries to a friend recovering from hip surgery. The entire family loved them!!!... read more - 7/15/2021 

    gigi juiliano Avatargigi juiliano

    100/10 would definitely recommend!! Love how everything is fully dipped and isn’t overpriced at all! If you haven’t, you should... read more - 7/15/2021 

    Samar Baki AvatarSamar Baki

    I have ordered many different chocolate treats and none have failed to disappoint. They make perfect addition to gifts on... read more - 7/15/2021 

    Mercedez G AvatarMercedez G

    I had gotten these for Valentines day and just mostly ate them myself because that's how good they are. I... read more - 7/15/2021 

    Magdalena Maria-Milagros Porras AvatarMagdalena Maria-Milagros Porras

    positive review  fresh strawberries gorgeous designs absolutely delicious - 7/14/2021 

    Madeleine Payne AvatarMadeleine Payne

    The best chocolate treats around! - 7/08/2021 

    Erica Rohaidy AvatarErica Rohaidy

    positive review  Best chocolate covered strawberries! She is also such an amazing person! Twice we’ve had to order last minute and she... read more - 7/04/2021 

    Taylor D'Alfonso AvatarTaylor D'Alfonso

    positive review  I received a dozen strawberries from a friend after a surgery and they were the best I ever had!!! I... read more - 5/29/2021 

    Lizz Erick Garcia AvatarLizz Erick Garcia

    positive review  I love her strawberries ❤️ hubby is always surprising me with some because he knows how much I enjoy them.... read more - 5/26/2021 

    Melissa Davis AvatarMelissa Davis

    positive review  Beautiful desserts that tast just as good as the look ! - 5/16/2021 

  • Amanda Pagan AvatarAmanda Pagan

    Just received my mother's day gift early! I had no idea where to start between the chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake... read more - 5/11/2021 

    Jocelyn Ferrigno AvatarJocelyn Ferrigno

    i have had dipped on more than one occasion and the owner never seems to fail at making everything perfect!... read more - 5/11/2021 

    Hailee Zaleski AvatarHailee Zaleski

    positive review  This was my first time ordering from her and I will 100% be ordering from her again in the future!!... read more - 5/10/2021 

    Candice Nguyen AvatarCandice Nguyen

    positive review  I’ve ordered from Dipped by Dottoli 3 times and she never fails! Each time, I’ve had an amazing experience with... read more - 5/10/2021 

    Marki Buckley AvatarMarki Buckley

    positive review  Amazing communication absolutely gorgeous display. Everything came very fresh.i had 2 different orders for 2 different locations and both... read more - 5/07/2021 

    Mallory McLaughlin AvatarMallory McLaughlin

    positive review  Jess truly goes above and beyond for her customers. I needed a last minute delivery (VERY last minute) weeks ago... read more - 5/05/2021 

    Sarah Lynn AvatarSarah Lynn

    positive review  I ordered last minute for Teacher Appreciation week . My daughter's daycare teachers loved them! Jessica was quick to get... read more - 5/04/2021 

    Jen Scully AvatarJen Scully

    positive review  I love how quick she is to respond, helpful with questions and her strawberries are amazing!! The cannoli stuffed are... read more - 4/30/2021 

    Lexus Myers AvatarLexus Myers

    She is SO talented!!! She works very quickly and the work is beautiful. My boyfriend ordered two dozen chocolate covered... read more - 4/25/2021 

    Nicole Suriani AvatarNicole Suriani

    Jess has the tastiest and cutest treats! She made exactly what I was hoping for even better! Her ideas are... read more - 4/25/2021 

    Tiarra Sanabria AvatarTiarra Sanabria

    No matter what tasty treat I order, Jess does an outstanding job from presentation to taste! This is the only... read more - 4/25/2021 

    Jaclyn Elizabeth Makeup AvatarJaclyn Elizabeth Makeup

    Dipped by Dottoli’s is incredibly tasty! Jess made throwing my gender reveal so easy and amazing! She found out the... read more - 4/25/2021 

    Nikkey Bader AvatarNikkey Bader

    positive review  Jessica is AMAZING! Her prices are super fair compared to the big box places. She even did a last minute... read more - 4/15/2021 

    Karen Marie AvatarKaren Marie

    positive review  I purchased the strawberries and pineapple at Villaris market on Sunday. They were excellent. Best I ever had ❤️ - 4/14/2021 

    Jaclyn Dugan AvatarJaclyn Dugan

    Dipped by Dottoli’s is incredibly tasty! Jess made throwing my gender reveal so easy and amazing! She found out the... read more - 4/14/2021 

    Lexus Myers AvatarLexus Myers

    positive review  I love this girl! She works very quickly and her desserts are adorable and creative. I am more than pleased... read more - 4/12/2021 

  • Hollie Marie AvatarHollie Marie

    positive review  Dipped By Dottoli was suggested to me through a Facebook moms group. I was looking to use a local small... read more - 4/07/2021 

    Ida Taylor AvatarIda Taylor

    positive review  Have been eyeing the strawberries for a while, finally got a dozen & they were AMAZING!! A huge hit for... read more - 4/06/2021 

    Brianna Pierce AvatarBrianna Pierce

    positive review  The owner is so sweet and really accommodating. Her strawberries are the best. I’ve ordered several times and refer her... read more - 3/31/2021 

    Jay Savage AvatarJay Savage

    positive review  10/10 Recommend! Hands down the absolute best for any chocolate covered treat you can think of! Has become a weekly... read more - 3/27/2021 

    Deanna Dottoli AvatarDeanna Dottoli

    positive review  My house is obsessed with these chocolate covered strawberries ???? and the kicker is I don’t even like chocolate but... read more - 3/11/2021 

    Alexa Leighton AvatarAlexa Leighton

    positive review  Chocolate covered strawberries were a hit!! Jess did awesome! And she was super helpful when ordering ???????????????? - 2/01/2021 

    Kristen Padilla AvatarKristen Padilla

    positive review  The strawberries were fresh and delicious. I brought chocolate covered and cheesecake stuffed strawberries to a bridal shower and... read more - 1/24/2021 

    Rose Irene AvatarRose Irene

    positive review  Super cute treats & delicious! - 12/30/2020 

    Meghan Kathleen AvatarMeghan Kathleen

    positive review  I received an order of your berries the other day for my anniversary. Your berries were so pretty and absolutely... read more - 11/28/2020 

    James Dottoli AvatarJames Dottoli

    positive review  great quality! I enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries ???? - 11/07/2020 

    Heather Peluso AvatarHeather Peluso

    positive review  I'm so happy I found Dipped by Dottoli!!! Not only did she come through on a last minute order, it... read more - 10/19/2020 

    Ziani Jones AvatarZiani Jones

    positive review  Jess did an amazing job! This chocolate is so good???? - 10/03/2020 

    Tatiana A Reynolds AvatarTatiana A Reynolds

    positive review  I ordered vodka infused chocolate covered strawberries. The price was great and the quality was outstanding. I can't wait to... read more - 9/19/2020 

    Anthony Mark AvatarAnthony Mark

    positive review  Can't say enough how awesome these treats are! I think I'm addicted lol. 10/10 would recommend for anyone for any... read more - 9/15/2020 

    Samantha Domicz AvatarSamantha Domicz

    positive review  I have had the opportunity to try some of these delicious treats made by Dipped By Dottoli. They were so... read more - 9/15/2020 

    Joe Moore AvatarJoe Moore

    positive review  I highly recommend checking out Dipped By Dottoli's website and looking at the menu. I ordered the cake pops,... read more - 9/14/2020